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Hmmm..... well for starters (Oh damn buddy you picked the wrong thing to say xD)

1.) Some protoginests are whiny little wusses. They cant' do anything and complain and just aren't cheerful. But in the end they learn a valuble lesson and get all macho and crap. *Insert eye roll here*

2.)Opposite of first one, when the hero thinks they're something else and are smug bastards. I mean the bad ones btw. They just don't give a crap and are extremely dramatic.

3.)This ones for girl heros, the ones that are total dead brains and get themselves kidnapped and do the most stupidest things. Real dead brains.

4.)Hero's that have no sense of humor what so ever, no sarcasim, no emotion, not even modesty, no witty coments at all. Just blank. Boring as hell.

Ok that's all I can think of but damn I could come up with more!
There are my favorite types of heros:
-Sarcastic heros that always seem to not take much seriously at all (Emily the Strange could be refered to right here)
-Sadistic heros, they've always got that charm about them that people like
-Medie heroic heros, the ones that go for the justic and know what to do, what's right and wrong. They do what their heart says and crap like that. But they don't over due it. They have other qualities to them that people like.
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