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La Pucelle Tactics A cult favourite apparently, better description soon!

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Originally Posted by Purianite View Post
It's one of my favorite games of all time. It's the only SRPG I enjoy as much as Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. My only gripe though... grinding magic stats is pointless since physical grinding ends up being much more useful.
just like all other NIS SRPGS, and this was the first one(Disgaea 1 was the second)
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Originally Posted by Disaster View Post
Woo Hoo!!! finally defeated that nasty thing in the cave to fatima!!! I was tired of repeating the darn dungeon over and over!!!

I dunno about you guys, but doesnt monya monya looks like a politician??? I mean, he smiles all the time and then he waves his arms. LOL!!!! And when he gains victory, he also acts like a politician!!
LOL. He is one. For me, he is an oddball.
Pay him money then he joins.
Is he strong? I don't know anything about this crazy chocolat cuz he is weird and I dont use him.
Dude.. I really like Red Mages..

Like the Sand King of Chaos..

Time to bury some fools,
My tail, my claws,
Such good destruction tools!

My only way to live - KILLING
And enemies shall do my bidding,
But they go crazy, roll around, smearing.

I, the Sand King, will live forever,
But does that matter?
I will crush everything, As fast as the wind sever!

I am now AVERAGE! YES!!
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