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Disgaea Journey throughout the Netherworld to claim your rightful title as Overlord.

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Default Character Spotlight: Flonne

"Love conquers all!"

Character Spotlight

Angel Trainee Flonne is the oldest of the trio, though she is in no way more mature than the others. Along with Laharl and Etna, Flonne has made several cameos throughout the Makai Senki series. Along side Etna, she has made cameos in games where Laharl is no where to be found. She has made appearances in one of three variants: the Angel Trainee, the Fallen Angel and one more, secret, appearance in Disgaea 4. We'll try not to spoil that one for you.

An avid believer in the words of the Seraph and the beliefs of Celestia, Flonne starts off as an enemy to Laharl, sent to the Netherworld by Seraph Lamington to assassinate the (already dead) Overlord King Krichevskoy. Not long after, she joins his party in an attempt to figure out if demons are truly capable of love, as her Seraph hinted. Following that, if you haven't played, I won't spoil it!

In Disgaea 2, we see Flonne accompanying Laharl to Veldime to talk Etna into coming home. Rather than being forceful and rude like Laharl, Flonne takes a peaceful and political approach. Despite being a Fallen Angel in this cameo, she's still got a heart of gold! Her cameo in Disgaea 3 is along side Etna and Laharl as they act as post game bosses, determined to defeat Mao. Flonne makes a somewhat more direct cameo in Disgaea 4, which is similar to Etnas cameo in Disgaea 2 in that you meet her as part of the story line.

Flonne has little physical power and average magic strength. She truly shines using her Flonne only skills that center around healing. In a few of the games, she shows up with some rather comical attacks that deal decent amounts of damage.

That wraps of the second of several character spotlights as we move head first into the 10th anniversary of Disgaea! A few of you requested Flonne on our Facebook page and, though it took a bit longer than expected, we hope you enjoyed seeing the spotlight on this lovable character! Make sure you tell us some of your favorite Flonne moments below! Stayed tuned for our next spotlight, coming soon!

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My favorite moment of flonne is when she first appears In the game trying to act like a ninja
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Originally Posted by shadowreaper View Post
My favorite moment of flonne is when she first appears In the game trying to act like a ninja

Def one of the best
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Nin nin!
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Flonne has kind of gone downhill for me when Disgaea 4 came out, I find her somewhat amusing, but as an evil overlord myself I find her the constant nagging ringing in my ear to do the "right" thing rather than the "awesome" thing. I prefer her as a Fallen Angel, to be quite frank, not having to hold to the ideals set before her in Celestia, and allowing her to continue to pursue her want for all to love, without the red tape and paperwork that the angels try and put upon her.

Don't get me wrong, she's still annoying, but she's more tolerable this way.

- D
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