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Good for Nothing
Good For Nothing
Default Studio Ghibli

Any fans of these films on the forum?

It was the work of Hayao Miyazaki that introduced me to theses movies. I saw "Castle in the Sky" on UK TV and was rather taken by the movie. It took me a while, but some years later I was able to order the Japanese release of the movie on DVD, which fortunately came with an English Audio track. I did subsequently order the American release when it became available. This had some "name" actors doing the voices and I must say I much prefer the Englsih track on the Japanese DVD as the voices are much more in keeping with the characters.

I also bought the other two American releases that were out at the same time as "Castle". I think these were "Spirited Away" and "Kiki's Delivery Service". I think I preferrred the latter movie out of those two.

I had to import "My Neighbor Totoro" fro Japan as the American release was not in widescreen (at the time anyway).

I think I actually pre-ordered "Howl's Moving Castle" from my favourite far-Eastern site. I think I may have gone with the Asian release as the price was lower than the Japanese release. Again fortunately with an English Audio track.

I completed my collection with DVD's from the Studio Ghibli Series that were released in the UK, though I may have picked up some more of the titles from other releases, before the series dropped in price.

I have yet to get "Ponyo" but hope to remedy that situation fairly soon.

I would have to say that "Castle in the Sky" is my favourite, though some of the others, such as "Kiki" and "Howl's" are eminently re-watchable as well, and I really ought to get around to some of the others again, to refresh my memory.

What I like about the movies is the variety of subject matter. These vary from the "real life" drama through to full-on fantasy.
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Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favourite movies ever. I still have the movie poster from its release. I haven't seen too many of their movies, though. I've seen i think 3. Howl's, Princess Mononoke and one more that I can't remember the name of.

I've seen parts of Spirited Away but not all of it.
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