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Disgaea Journey throughout the Netherworld to claim your rightful title as Overlord.

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Default Character Spotlight: Laharl

"What fool dares awaken me, the great Laharl?"

Character Spotlight

The son of the deceased King Krichevskoy and supreme(?) Overlord of the Netherworld, Laharl has been a recurring character through out the Makai Senkei universe.

Laharl made his first appearance in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness as the main character. He was an annoying and cocky young demon who sought to claim is rightful place as Overlord of the Netherworld after his father's death two years prior. His journey led him to an Angel, a Mid-Boss, former Vassals and a troupe of defenders from Earth, all the way to the Seraph of Celestia.

Laharl's first cameo was in Phantom Brave as a part of a secret dungeon taking place post game. His second cameo was in Makai Kingdom as part of another secret dungeon taking place when Zetta's henchman has enough mana to pass the wish.

His next cameo was in Disgaea 2 when he tracked his former Vassal Etna to Veldime after getting tired of having to eat canned tuna all the time. Post game he shows up trying to steal the main character slot from Adell.

Disgaea 3 Laharl made a move to defeat Mao as a post game boss along side Flonne and Etna. Following that, in Disgaea 4, he made another appearance attempting to defeat contenders for the Presidency of the Netherworld during the post game.

In every one of his appearances he has been a powerful melee fighter often utilizing swords and fire techniques to deal enormous amounts of damage. After the Prinny and Pleinar, many consider him to be the flagship character of the Disgaea series.

That's it for the first of several character spotlights leading up to the 10th anniversary of Disgaea! What are your thoughts on this snotty character? Do you have favourite moments or quotes that you'd like to share? What do you think of his theme song? What about his cameo appearances? Did we miss anything you want to see referenced?

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Laharl is a cool character and its always gets funnier when he appears in the games but I like flonne more
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Oh the stories I can tell of this little thorn in my side...

I'll summarize it though, I find his haughty personality amusing, but I find his constant need to get in my way to be quite bothersome. In many cases when he gets in my way, I feel the need to blow him away with magic, namely the strongest I have available. If I can't do that, I render him completely mundane with whatever means possible. De-buffing, status effects, or surrounding him with sexy women!

...oh, but did you mean what I LIKE about him? Well...

Okay, so I do like his theme song as I find it pretty catchy, and he is quite powerful when he's actually working WITH me instead of AGAINST me. I'm not the type to use him as some sort of meat shield, Laharl's built for power, and lots of it! Like the evil overlord I am, I make sure he flaunts his strength and uses it whenever possible; not only does it tend to remedy most situations that I have to deal with, it also scares off those who would be foolish enough to try to pick a fight with myself or Laharl in the first place.
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