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Good for Nothing
Good For Nothing
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Default DLC and classes

I just got D4 and I downloaded a few add-on but i dont know how to get them on the game, do I have to finish chapter 1 in order to get them? and What classes should I focus on in this game? this is my second disgaea game i ever played so I am total noob
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Good for Nothing
Good For Nothing
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to use the add-ons you have to bet the game and it give u the post missions and for classes to focus on u can use any class u like.
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Tyrant Overlord
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You will have to wait until you've beaten the game to use them unfortunately. As far as classes to focus on, it really is up to you. I tend to use Valvatorez, Fenrich, a Male Warrior with a Sword and a Male Warrior with an Axe, a healer with a bow and a mage with obviously a staff. Other than that, I just kind of make a character to try and and maybe they get used, maybe the don't xD It's all in experimentation!
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