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Soul Nomad With the God of Death, Gig, in your body, you must destroy the World Eaters before they attack the planet once more.

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Old 10-04-2011, 12:03 AM   #21
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Location: Netherworld 1313

He's actually more intelligent than he lets on. He did lead a successful reign of the Netherworld for a long *** time, after all. Not only that, but he's able to gather support EXTREMELY quickly as a ruler.

To be Overlord, you need brains in addition to brawn. Or an intelligent ally, which Vyers never had.
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Tyrant Overlord
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Let's not forget
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And that will make Laharl enrage, right? LOLOL
But He will be enraged only by faking it, I think Laharl wants LOVE TOO!!!!
Dude.. I really like Red Mages..

Like the Sand King of Chaos..

Time to bury some fools,
My tail, my claws,
Such good destruction tools!

My only way to live - KILLING
And enemies shall do my bidding,
But they go crazy, roll around, smearing.

I, the Sand King, will live forever,
But does that matter?
I will crush everything, As fast as the wind sever!

I am now AVERAGE! YES!!
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