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Writing Poems and stories that you've written get posted here.

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Default Spring time love comedy (My third peom!!!)

Spring time love comedy

Waiting is so hard
I wanna see you now

Come on, come on lets go~

Even when you act silly or just idiotic
I still love you somehow

Come on babe, come on babe wo~

And then with those eyes and that face
I just can't say no to you

Baby love, Baby love a oh~

But whenever we fight
Those stupid argues

Love war, Love war~

After when we realize
It was stupid in the first place

I just come to you and say

"I just wanna see your face!"

Oh love oh love
Babe love!
Oh love oh love
Babe love!

It feels like a comedy

Oh love oh love
Babe love!
Oh love oh love
Babe love!

My spring time love story

Oh love oh love
Babe love
Oh love oh love
Babe love

Theres only one thing I ask

I want you to believe

And Promise you'll always be there


You guys are making me write way to many poems ^-^'
You're sufficiently fortified to kick some as- boot these creatures' nether regions"

Watch Makai Tales on my youtube acount!

The road to happiness is a long one....

Even if your arms and legs are broken and you can't move. You can never give up! Thats just my style *Sparkle sparkle*

No giving in and no giving up! Go for it all the way!
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