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Angry " Updates " >:/

Okay, okay. I gave you the link to the website the chapters were on. D: < Have you already read all those?!
Well, if you haven't, here is chapter 3 and 4.

Simca was giggling quietly as well as Spitfire who chuckled modestly into the sleeve of his overcoat.
His laughing… it humiliated Sakanako, yet motivated her, “SHUT UP!!” she shouted at all of them. To Izumi, to Agito, to Simca and to Spitfire…
When she realized there was no way in hell she would catch up, the female completely stopped skating and used her thighs to plunge herself into the air.
Spitfire quietly looked around and his chuckling stopped when he felt a slight spark of heat emit from his regalia.
Suddenly, things were becoming serious.
‘I wonder… if Agito’s feeling her aura as well…’
His eyes went to Naodan and Izumi and then to Simca, who had also stopped laughing, though her gaze was strictly fixated on the dash.

‘…they couldn’t be…but her spirit isn’t one of the Kings…what else is there for her to be?’

Sakanako was at the altitude of her parabola when her body flipped, caused by the muscles of her lower back and buttocks, to trigger another thrust into the air. Her dark, sepia brown hair slapped her in the eyes as the wind danced by cooly. She narrowed her eyes, the orange sunset shining against her figure.

“So that’s her strong point. A flying fish. Sounds catchy, but even that won’t save her the Parts War. A fish who can’t substain water will suffocate against the harsh air if they’re foolish enough to jump out of the sea for too long…” Simca commented, the pale plains of her face touched by the light coral rays of the lowering sun.
Spitfire kept to himself and chose to watch silently as the fish slowly began to descend, flipping and using her powerful legs to gain as much air-mileage as possible.

Then she landed, near the tail of Agito’s slip stream. Her thighs were aching and growing heavy, but something pushed her onwards. With an embarrassed growl, Sakanako grabbed two of the hooks that flew rabidly behind Agito, who was still winning by several meters.
With all the strength she could muster, she hit the brake of her ATs and began to reel herself in towards him, until she was within hearing range. She surfed along behind him, before she reached for the back collar of his team’s uniform jacket and ruthlessly whirled him around.

Her brake made a nasty scar in the pavement. She forced them both to a stop.

As she stared into the face of the Fang King, all she could feel was how stupid she looked, and how ridiculed the rest of her team must’ve felt,

“I quit. Team Elvenride quits the dash.” she said solemnly, before releasing his jacket and hooks’ straps. Her eyes didn’t leave him, for she was too ashamed to see the faces of her team mates; but most importantly, she was scared to see Spitfire.

Her body was trembling with discomfiture.

“Hell yeah!!” Ikki hooted wildly, before the Pig Brothers joined in his rantings.
Meneko was blushing lightly, uncomfortably. She watched Agito in awe, admiring his every feature, although she should’ve been glaring; after all, he had just basically hammered their strongest member.

Hasuei grinned, timidly,
“Well… I guess it saves us the trouble of being mortified, eh?”
Spitfire overheard Hasuei and turned his head, grace moleculing his every crevice, “There’s no reason to be ashamed, you know. The standards of Osaka are uncom’prable to the regulations of Tokyo’s storm riders. I actually believe your team has plenty potential,”
“Optimistic, as usual,” Simca tooted, watching Agito and Sakanako inquisitively.

Agito made a disgusted face at Sakanako, “You *****!!” he hissed, as he wrapped his hooks in spirals around his thin legs, “Did you just come to Tokyo to litter the streets with your trashy riding!? Go back to OSAKA, where that sorry excuse for riding is considered A-rank!!” he scoffed at the idea, “You won’t get far here with those shitty-*** skills! You really thought you could beat the Fang King?!” he scoffed again, sustaining his laughter.

Izumi groaned, gripping the edge of his shirt angrily. He growled in frustration, and then looked desperately to Simca, eyes widening, pleadingly; but he knew it was futile, so he simply glowered at the ground in defeat, their brown depths holding defiancy within them. Could they have really lost so badly?

Spitfire was watching Agito bite at the new arrival; he didn’t nessicarily approve of what the Fang King was doing, but he didn’t bother to say anything about it.

Sakanako’s brow furrowed to the slightest degree.
“You know what, asshole? You’re right. Though I hate to admit it to a shrimpy bastard like you, you’re right, and it’s thanks to you and your ‘Fang Kingliness’ that we’re going to get our asses working harder.” Her hands slipped into her hoodie pockets and her head tilted upwards and to the left, her bright green eyes still focused on him; looking down on him,
“Don’t waste your breath ranting about how we’ll never defeat you and how we should give up. I know we can’t conquer Tokyo at our level and with our skills, I’m not retarded. I don’t want to listen to any of your cocky bragging. I don’t give a flip how high in rank you are, or how well you ride: I’m won’t respect you until you earn it, arrogant little shithole.” steam rose from the wheels of her ATs due to the damage of it’s parts but she ignored it. Her eyes narrowed, boldly.

As Sakanako snarled retorts at Agito, Ikki was watching her ATs. He noticed how her clothes were tattered with dirt and grass stains and he began to wonder how she got them. The wheels of her skates weren’t in great shape either, even before the race had begun. He noticed that Naodan and Izumi were just as filthy, but took observation to the fact that Meneko and Hasuei were spotless.
Did they have no home?
He looked to Ringo and gestured her over with a wave of his hand.

“The girl’s wheels have worn down.. her equipment is very low level.” Spitfire notified Simca, who was getting a little annoyed with all the pointless conversations floating about.
Her eyes rolled, “Yeah, I would think so, since Osaka isn’t exactly a reccomendable environment for a storm rider.” Her grey optics then concentrated on Sakanako. Her teeth clenched behind her petal-like lips in something called anger.

These country-hicks… although their skills were a joke, she knew that they could possibly interfere with Ikki’s destiny. The fact that Spitfire’s regalia responded to that girl… that worried the swallow. Could these idiots from Osaka have been the 3 Masses? Could they have gone on unseen until now?

Agito’s grin lessened to the slightest degree and he leaned towards Sakanako and muttered, “No respect? Maybe I didn’t kick your *** badly enough, cause you still have a foul mouth on you, Shitface.”
Sakanako’s hands slid from her pockets and then curled before landing sharply on her hips. She swung herself forwards, matching his pose and her lips curled into a smirk, “I’m the one with the foul mouth, remember?” a small laugh escaped her fox-like grin before she held up an index finger and flicked him with it on the forehead. He reminded her of someone she vaguely remembered…, “You didn’t technically kick anyone’s ***, your Majesty, cuz' like the scared loser I was, I quit before you could do anything with it!” she reminded him, “So yeah, no respect for you.” she grinned.
The male she had flicked reared back as her finger hit his forehead. He stared at her as though she had just raped him: half in horror, half in rage. He snarled, unaware of what to say, because she’d basically said the truth—everything he could make fun of… admitted? Where was the fun in that?
“By what I’ve seen, kicking your ****in’ *** wouldn’t be hard,” he growled, running out of things to comeback with.
‘She wasn't supposed to admit it...!’
‘Aw, c’mon Agito! It’s not everyday someone speaks up to you, if you ask me, I think she’s brave!’

Ringo noiced Ikki and paced towards him to see what he wanted. When she reached him, he pointed,
“You see that chick that just nailed Agito? I think that she’s homeless.”

After saying this, he then pointed to Izumi and Naodan,
“Those two, too. C’mon Ringo, please? I feel kind of bad ditching them.. we can keep em’ for a week, right? Just a week, at least? Seriously,… I don’t think Mikan cares, and Rika’s at work or whatever…”
Ringo glared up at Ikki almost in disbelief, “But Ikki--!, We already took in one of your crazy friends…!” she looked unassuredly to the Osakans, “Mmmm….” she mumbled, sighing, as guild crept up her spine and Ikki gave her the look, “Alright… Agito! Come here, and bring our new…house mate… with you…!” she ordered.

Agito stared at Ringo in incredulity, “WHAT?!” he roared.
Her reply was a glower of authority.
He sighed, angrily, and mumbled angry things under his angry breath, then reluctantly stalked towards Ringo, not bothering to tell the fish to come. The Fang King heard a clearing of the fish’s throat and he seized a hookstrap and lassoed it behind him: it short over Sakanako’s head and with his next stride, caught her hood, thus pulling her along with him.

His victim released a choking noise before hopping wackily after him, unbalanced and on one foot.
After getting used to the speed of his walk, she caught her balance and skated casually behind him.

Ikki smiled at Sakanako’s chest as he freed the Osakan from Agito’s hell descendant of a hook.
“Hey! Leader of Elvenride and Wetblanket Girl! Get over here, you’re crashing with us for a while!”

Sakanako looked around to find that Spitfire and Simca were missing. Her eyes sunk before she exhaled in distress and turned to face her hosts, “How’d you know that we weren’t staying anywhere?” she asked, dully.
“It was freakin’ obvious! Just take a look at your clothes! What? Were you trying to hide it, or something?”

( ::Chapter 4:: )

The water once held in a pitcher hit the tile with a hissing splat. The water was ridiculously scalding. Sakanako, nude, let out a satisfied sigh as her body was cleansing. Her green eyes looked to Naodan who was soaking in the tub. She smiled, “It’s been a while since I’ve had a bath,” she mentioned, commonly, as her slender fingers lathered shampoo into the strands of her dark hair.
Naodan smiled pleasantly, her hair a darker shade of seafoam than usual, due to the water, and the usual wisps that adorned her cheeks were flattened against the water’s surface. She giggled, her lips pulling over her white teeth that sat promptly in her small set jaw.

Outstretching all of her limbs in the burning water with a content sigh, she cooed, “Oooh, Sakanako. It feels so good to be clean again ” she then crossed her arms over the ledge of the bath tub, and peered up at Sakanako with her glittering pink eyes. She smiled coyly, “So… you like Spitfire.” she said in a matter-of-fact tone, though it was silvery and light. A small hand shot up in front of her as she was to deny Sakanako’s denial; “And don’t tell me I’m wrong, Tsuru. You looked at him with…” she pinched a cheek and it ripened to a light pink, “…cute blushy cheeks and big sparkly eyes!” she tweeted, remembering her friends love-sick expression. Sakanako released a breath, as if caught red-handed; then, she smiled a bit and replied, “Well…, he’s awesome.” internally wanting to explain so much more to her childhood friend, she couldn’t bring herself to fully speak her feelings of Spitfire, because she was aware that it made her sound absurdly frilly, something that she didn’t usually want to be heard as.

She stood up, pearls of clear water trailing down her curves like liquid capillaries, “Move over. I’m getting in,” she alarmed, bluntly, before slipping into the tub and closing her eyes. She began to visualize Spitfire in her mind, “…I’m going to see him again,” her voice was determined, yet drenched in tranquility, “—and I’m going to get together with him.”
Naodan scooted over for Sakanako, smiling at her. “You think you can, Tsuru? I mean, you’re…” she stopped. “Nevermind. You’re right.” she concluded, arms now folded over the tub again. Her calm smile returned, and she glanced to Sakanako, awaiting a returned gaze.

“I can.” Sakanako stated defensively. Did her friend not believe her?


Mikan grinned evilly, “As men of the house, you hafta set up the futons for our female guests!”
Ikki snarled, “Hell no!”
Mikan’s eye twitched, “If YOU won’t do it, I’ll tell Rika about your sorry-*** report cards that you keep hiding!!” her arms flew over her chest, crossed as she glowered at the crow, light pink hair perkier than usual. Her gritted teeth were visible as the corners of her mouth stretched, revealing healthy gums.
Ikki began blubbering as he walked towards the garage, where the ancient futons lurked, “C’mon guys, it’s useless now. Mikan’s more stubborn than a bull…” he heard the Noyamano laugh proudly at his attempted insult.

Izumi followed dully, “It’s not that bad; just gettin’ the girls some stuff to sleep on,” he mumbled, hooking the dog collar around his neck with his forefinger. Then, as his own voice cued, he thought of the girls. “Uh, where, exactly, are the girls?” he asked, loping ahead of Ikki easily.
Last he remembered, they’d said something about a bath.
Akito skipped along-side Ikki before turning to face Izumi, “They’re in the bath tub! I wanted to join them, you know, so I could talk and get to know them a little better, but then Sakanako-chan almost killed me; I figured I’d try again some other time…”
Ikki’s eye twitched and he looked to his gay follower, confused, “Killed you?” he figured that Sakanako must’ve been one of those violent ones. A world champion nagger, like Mikan.

The kind of girl he hated to put up with.

Akito nodded and then chirped as he pulled a dust infested futon from the garage, “Yep! Nao-chan was okay with it when I explained Agito to her, and that I was gay, but Sakanako-chan didn’t bother to listen. She called me an ***.” his face saddened and he tugged helplessly on the futon, unable to drag it; he exerted a squeak—a pathetic, high-pitched squeak.
Then, Ikki helped him by lifting the other end of the futon, watching Izumi, “So,… what are girls from Osaka like? Are they easy like everyone says they are?” maybe he could get into Nao’s pants, but he was pretty sure he couldn’t even get a sock off of Sakanako.

Izumi laughed mockingly.
“Honestly, they’re probably harder to get than your Tokyo girls. A lot harder. Hitting on them is like bringing a girl on her period into a weapon cellar – It’s dangerous.” he chuckled, using one of his many metaphors, “Even the sweet ones are conniving,” he said, referring to Naodan, thoughtfully.

Then, he yanked up a futon.


((: Later that Night )

Sakanako double-clicked the computer mouse and scrolled down the Google result page. Her eyes narrowed as if to try and read the screen’s small font.
“…member of the team, Genesis… One of the 8 Kings that can often be seen with Simca the Swallow, although no romantic relationship has been recorded between the two of them…” she recited in a whisper before rolling down the page some more, “…he normally practices along Sezuru Bridge during the night and around Gate Fubuki during the day.”
She smiled, satisfied, and then looked him up on MySpace. When she reached his page, she looked over his profile, smiling now almost maniacally.
A song began to blare through the speakers, “HOPE DANGLES ON A STRING, LIKE SLOW SPINNING Rredempt…” Sakanako scrambled for the volume knob and looked around, panicked, as she scatterly dispatched the Internet and shut down the computer.

She had to leave. Fast.


Akito sat up sacredly, and looked around. The music was gone. Ghosts, maybe?
‘What was that?’ he began to shiver, ‘I’m scared… Agito? Can you investigate and go turn down the air?’ then, the boy shifted the eye patch over. Agito.
Ikki was snoring obnoxiously beside him and sleep talked something about Osakan women, “fnrrr…sss…”
‘I think it was from the computer room…’

“No, probably some idiot that’s wasting what’s left of his worthless life on the computer,” he growled, shoving his arms beneath the pillow. The cool surface brushed against the bare skin on his forearm comfortably, and he nestled his cheek into the lush white.
Agito curled up contently, pulling the blanket above his shoulder.

****ING LOUD!!

He shoved himself upward, shooting a menacing glare at Ikki.
With a sudden swipe of his hand, he shoved his pillow against Ikki’s face, rage consuming him as he crushed the soft pillow against all of Ikki’s facial features, until the snore was muffled.

The pillow remained there, crushed, for a moment, threatening to smother and steal Ikki’s life.
His anger was controlled, and he was growing conscious of Akito again.
Agito sighed, the sound of a snarl against the quiet of the house, and he walked down the hallway towards the computer room, “Oh, **** this. I’m not doing this. I’m tired.” he disagreed with his curiosity.

He paused.

“What the hell is anyone doing up this late?! I can’t sleep and you ****ing woke me up!” he hissed, opening the door of the computer room, expecting to see Onigiri looking at porn, or something.
To his surprise, no one was in the room except a blinding screensaver of fish swimming across the monitor, and the quiet singing of Spitfire’s MySpace.

Agito stared blankly at the scene, “…”
‘See: no one.’ He thought, before stamping off to his own room. When he passed the door to Ikki’s, he promptly delivered him a punch in the face, after he heard him snoring again. Then, he somewhat hurriedly left and took off to his own bedroom, Akito giggling, yet scolding his alter ego inside his mind.

( Thurr. :/ )
Romeo & Cinderella.

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