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Writing Poems and stories that you've written get posted here.

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Default Poem~ Black Heart

(ok when I read this I picture the chorus tune from "Evil servant" by Kagamine Len. But thats just me xP)

Black Heart

With a fake coat,
I flock with these morons,

Pretending to be on the same boat,
I go on,

Going with them as if I gave a care,
Plotting against them with each and every step,

But should I dare,
When she wept,
My black heart broke down,

I decided right then,
If I ever wanted to be found,

She would find me and only then,
I would give up my plan,

But until that day,
I will keep on going with my pure coat,

Because Inside I am a black heart,

And she is pure heart

I did this when I found out I failed my literacy exam *sob* but Its kinda based on LevinxTricia from Soul Nomad (cuz I love them so much :D
You're sufficiently fortified to kick some as- boot these creatures' nether regions"

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The road to happiness is a long one....

Even if your arms and legs are broken and you can't move. You can never give up! Thats just my style *Sparkle sparkle*

No giving in and no giving up! Go for it all the way!
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A black heart?
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