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Writing Poems and stories that you've written get posted here.

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Exclamation Lekanas Rules for the Writing Forum

I thought I'd get some rules in because if this place ever gets bigger you're gonna have some flamers and need a little bit of order.

Lekanas Rules for Writingss
  1. Don't be rude. Even if someone isn't the best don't start a flame war because you didn't like it.
  2. If you do criticize then do it constructively. Don't be mean again just give helpful suggestions.
  3. Don't post tasteless writing. We understand some writing has sex but don't post practically porn. Cim has no rules on this but it isn't appropriate for public things. If You do have something naughty PLEASE warn us with an x
  4. When posting put the letters S or P. For Story or poem respectively. And put it in brackets so it's like this [S]. Put an x before it if it's a bit naughty. So it'd look like [xS]
  5. Don't get offended easily. We are trying to help so understand it's not all negative.
  6. Have fun! We enjoy seeing the creative side of the members. It reminds us that you're still human.
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